H&M deployed a giant garment-collection box in Covent Garden Piazza to invite London shoppers to donate their unwanted clothes and receive H&M discount vouchers in an experiential campaign with JCDecaux.
H&M partnered with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion to launch the UK’s first nationwide Fashion Recycling Week, which ran from 31st August - 6th September.
As part of this #CloseTheLoop campaign, students from the school were challenged to repurpose the clothes collected at Covent Garden on 2nd September – 4th September into window installations for eight local H&M stores.
The experiential campaign was planned and booked with JCDecaux by Kinetic.
In 2012, H&M became the first apparel company to launch a clothing take-back program across all 48 of its markets worldwide. With an aim on limiting textile waste in landfills, as well as reducing resources used in the production of fabric, the firm has, to date, collected more than 14,000 tons of clothing globally.
“We recycle no less than 97 percent of the clothes and textiles we collect into new products like clothes, insulation for cars, and most importantly into new garments, closing the loop in fashion,” Catarina Midby, H&M’s sustainability manager, told British Vogue.