In an Airport media first The Financial Times has booked Heathrow Terminal 5’s gateroom digital panels on a purely destination-targeted basis as part of a new trading model devised by JCDecaux Airport, planned by Essence and bought via Bitposter.


JCDecaux’s ‘SmartContent’ technology allows the FT to target a specific group of passengers travelling to 8 airports across 6 pre-selected U.S. cities. By utilising live Heathrow API data, the FT’s copy will only run in the appropriate Heathrow gaterooms to fully maximise campaign impact.


The digital panels are sold on the passenger numbers passing solely through these gaterooms, reducing wastage by utilising data to target only these individuals. It is a great example of using data to break out of the traditional OOH 2 week planning cycles in order to target a very specific passenger audience. 


Craig Mytton, Chief Revenue Officer, Bitposter said: "We’re very pleased to be working with JCDecaux and Essence on a such an intelligent campaign, where the FT has been able to leverage data, SmartCONTENT and the Bitposter automated buying platform to deliver efficiency and target a select group of passengers in both the US and the UK."


Purely planning on audience is a move away from traditional out of home buying cycles, but as digital budgets are key to growing the OOH market this is likely to be the first of many similar bookings.


Alan Sullivan, Managing Director, JCDecaux Airport said: “We are delighted to have secured this DOOH first.  SmartCONTENT will be a key driver of new OOH revenue and I look forward to many more campaigns being bought this way.  Brands being dynamic by default will enable them to maximise value from the channel.”


The campaign will run for 12 weeks and over its duration will reach more than 365,000 specifically selected passengers, ensuring the FT are speaking directly to their target audience.