Eurostar has been using new technology that allows the high-speed rail service to change its Outdoor campaign content based on real-time feedback on what has been successful on YouTube.
To promote its new state-of-the-art fleet of e320 trains, the campaign looked to target five different audiences; families, youth, leisure and two types of business agents – commuter and office based.
The creative was designed to target these particular segments, however, in a novel approach, the brand used YouTube performance data to optimise the outdoor campaign, running on digital networks across the UK, altering the creative messaging depending on what performed well on the video network. 
The Outdoor activity will ran for four days before looking at the YouTube data and seeing whether there was a certain creative that resonated with Eurostar’s audience at a particular time of day. This was then optimised and applied to the Outdoor plan for the latter part of the campaign applying different creative to individual panels or networks at specific times of day.
Eurostar’s Global Brand and Communications Manager, Daniela Glynn-Jones said: “By personalising the creative around specific audiences, locations and times of day using different data sources puts the consumer at the heart of the activity and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the OOH space. The outdoor and YouTube link-up is part of a wider strategy at Eurostar to “create a real connection with customers”.
Glynn-Jones said YouTube was an obvious place to advertise because so many people go to the site looking for travel inspiration.
The campaign was created by Carat, Posterscope, Liveposter and iProspect and was live on Transvision, Rail D6s, Motion@LiverpoolStreet, the Stratford Sail and the LDN digital network until May 22nd.