To brighten up the commute and get travellers dreaming about exotic destinations, Emirates Airline and JCDecaux have deployed an unmissable LED-lit special-build campaign on the Clapham Colossus, Europe’s largest backlit billboard! 
The large-format panel, informing commuters about the Emirates A380 that will now be travelling three times a day from Gatwick airport, stands at a phenomenal 15ft high by 200ft wide and is located outside the busy Clapham Junction station. 
Not only does the campaign feature the iconic Emirates red branding, but a 2D A380 has also been installed along with three sparkling trails of unmissable LED lights; the first time these have ever been used at this site. 
This campaign was implemented by JCDecaux’s very own Creative Solutions team, and is part of a long-term hold by Emirates. 
Steven Dennison, Head of Creative Solutions, JCDecaux, said: “This is a fantastic special-build campaign to catch the attention of London commuters. Clapham Junction is the perfect station for reaching the affluent South West London as well as travellers to and from Gatwick Airport, providing Emirates with unrivalled visibility.”
The campaign was planned and booked with JCDecaux through Havas and Posterscope.