To get consumers to try its irresistible new fragrance, DKNY launched an exciting new sensory campaign with JCDecaux in key malls across the UK. 
Shoppers in the Newcastle Metrocentre, Birmingham Bullring, London Lakeside Shopping Centre and Bluewater could place their wrist inside a special-build 6-sheet to receive a spritz of the luxury scent. 
The mall environment was perfect for this campaign, providing consumers with an exciting opportunity to try the product while browsing the shops and driving footfall to DKNY’s main retailers: Boots, Superdrug, The Fragrance Shop, The Perfume Shop and Debenhams.  
Steven Dennison, Head of Creative Solutions at JCDecaux UK, said: “This special build campaign is perfect for reaching the relevant audience in the right place at the right time. It provides an easy, fun and interactive way for shoppers to trial DKNY’s new product while visiting the mall.”
The campaign, planned and booked through JCDecaux by M2M and Talon, was live from August 22nd to September 4th. The campaign creative was also deployed on mall 6-sheets and digital 6-sheets.