Direct Line has launched a dynamic digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign in support of its new ‘Onward Travel’ proposition.

Each roadside screen shows its own location-relevant map while transvision screens display a "taxi-cam" that is tailored to match the conditions in that location - e.g. raining in Glasgow or cloudy in Birmingham. The campaign uses a combination of technology including geomapping and content footage feeds to deliver relevant digital adverts to consumers. 

With the strapline “Don’t let a little accident stop you… Direct Line will get you a taxi to wherever you’re going”, the campaign will run for two weeks from Monday 10th April across JCDecaux’s roadside digital screens covering five cities and transvision screens in Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi and produced by Grand Visual, JCDecaux’s digital billboards will synchronise with targeted radio adverts that will play to drivers as they pass the DOOH sites. Additional campaign elements include digital, social and TV.

Lucy Brooksbank, Head of MarComms at Direct Line Group, commented: “At Direct Line Group we are constantly striving to fix and prevent the problems our customers face... Keeping customers moving, even when their car is off the road, is another way of us showing how we are looking to add more value so being able to visualise this through the DOOH campaign is great.”

Sam Wise, Head Of Planning at Saatchi & Saatchi London, said: “Direct Line does things that no other insurer does, so it is up to us to match them. We have found Out-of-Home can be a unique media channel to assert our differences. Out-of-Home is a promise to the public, it is the most bold and confident media if it is used disruptively.”

Anna Berry, Head of Brand Response at MediaCom UK added: “Smarter, more targeted DOOH makes for improved engagement and will mean more meaningful outreach to current and potential future Direct Line customers. We believe dynamic DOOH will become more and more prevalent in our increasingly connected cities, and we’re proud to part of this exciting activation. The real-time element really invigorates the campaign and reinforces Direct Line as an innovator – as it rightly deserves to be seen.”

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer at Grand Visual comments: “This campaign provides contextual relevance with creative that is tailored to the time of day, the weather and the exact location of each billboard, giving a compelling reason to pay attention.”