Today marks the launch of JCDecaux Airport’s third instalment in the well-regarded Business Traveller series, their longest standing research project.
Back in 2011, JCDecaux Airport began this series of revolutionary research, the first survey of its kind to be conducted by an Outdoor media company. The research focused on regular business flyers and explored their profile, relationship with technology and opinions on airport advertising.
Due to popular demand within the market, 2015 now brings the third instalment in the series, gaining insights from over 500 business travellers into their rapidly changing lifestyles. Probing into areas not seen in previous versions of Business Traveller, BT3 reveals insight into areas specifically highlighted by advertisers and agencies as key areas of interest.
The findings uncovered in Business Traveller 3 are fascinating. They build on previous knowledge, revealing how airport advertising drives search amongst this audience, as well as contributing to delivering a global presence for brands. BT3 also provides further insight into business traveller’s symbiotic relationship with technology and social media, and their opinions on conducting business globally.
Some key findings include; 92% of BT3 respondents would interact with an airport advert; in a 6 month time frame over 50% fly 3+ times for business and 3+ times for leisure; and one in 5 have a net worth of over £500,000 (two in five for c-suites).
For more information on this fantastic research project, please click here.

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