Burger King's DOOH campaign on LDN taps into the real-time needs of consumers with dynamic messaging that changes around meal occasions throughout the day.

Burger King, its media partner Vizeum, and JCDecaux are launching a new dynamic digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign in London. The campaign went live at the start of October and will run through Sunday, October 29th on LDN, in proximity to 13 Burger King locations across London. Vizeum, JCDecaux, Posterscope, Liveposter, and Cloud + Compass all collaborated on the campaign for Burger King, creatively executed by 360i.
The campaign marks the first time Burger King has used footfall data and events in a DOOH campaign in the UK, allowing for more creative iterations across the digital billboards than ever before.
The DOOH campaign is designed to reach on-the-go audiences and tap into real-time needs and desires by sharing relevant Burger King messages around meal occasions throughout the day, including; breakfast, snacking and late night -- traditionally light traffic times for the brand. For example, in the morning it may say "Behold the Breakfast of Kings" with an item from their breakfast menu and in the  afternoon it could advertise an Oreo milkshake, all alongside a postcode for the nearest brance to that screen.

The campaign will be KPI'd against short-term sales uplift across each of these occasions.
“As a brand we creatively experiment with new technologies and mediums in order to communicate the most meaningful and relevant messages to customers,”said Renato Rossi, Head of Marketing at Burger King. “The goal of this campaign is to look at the results and impact of using contextual DOOH against the impact of traditional OOH to understand the efficacy of DOOH for future campaigns.”
“The dynamic digital capability allows us to break up the day accordingly, going beyond high volume times of lunch and dinner and reacting in real-time to live footfall data,” Chris Brown, Business Director at Vizeum. “By leveraging a more data led contextual approach in DOOH we hope to make the medium work harder and attribute a direct impact on sales.”
Ben Maher, Sales and Partnerships Director at JCDecaux said: "The partnership with Burger King and Vizeum perfectly showcases the ability of Digital Out-of-Home to deliver targeted, measurable campaigns that provide huge value to both brands and consumers. It goes to show that DOOH can provide a brand safe and transparent route to market with unrivalled reach among core audiences in central London."

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