Bacardi gin brand Bombay Sapphire have begun a stand-out 4 week experiential campaign within the heart of Heathrow’s exclusive Terminal 5; inviting passengers to experience the heritage, and sample the delights of this leading premium gin brand.
In collaboration with Bluedog productions, Bombay Sapphire have designed and implemented an innovative experiential stand within Terminal 5’s lavish retail zone. Featuring a striking glass installation representing the brand’s glasshouse distillery at Laverstoke Mill*; a bespoke Virtual Reality (VR) tour of the gin distillery; and a mixologist on hand to provide gin cocktail tasters, this unique experiential campaign aims to create intrigue and inspire passengers, aiding their consideration of Bombay Sapphire as a purchase choice whilst at the airport.
Located in the epicentre of Heathrow’s busiest Terminal, the campaign will have the potential to reach 1.5million influential, affluent individuals over the course of the 4 weeks, of whom have an average airport dwell time of 147 minutes, therefore will be actively seeking distraction, entertainment and an engaging experience.
Alan Sullivan, Managing Director, JCDecaux Airport UK, said: “Premium spirit brands advertising in the airport is the perfect example of contextual advertising. The location of our advertising opportunities in such close proximity to World Duty Free allows Heathrow’s discerning passengers to sample the brand in a mind set predisposed to treat themselves. With a 51% AB profile, airports are unique in delivering that highly-sought-after, affluent audience who have a real appetite for premium products, such as Bombay Sapphire”
This experiential campaign will run until the 2nd of October 2016 and was booked through JCDecaux Airport UK by Mediakeys via France.
*Laverstoke Mill in Hampshire is the home of Bombay Sapphire’s exclusive distillery.