This month pioneering technology firm ABB begin a year-long campaign at Heathrow, sponsoring the charging network across the Airport’s 4 terminals. This unique sponsorship opportunity involves branding the iconic ‘PowerPole’ stations that are distributed throughout each of Heathrow’s 4 departure lounges, as well as the new charging tables located in Terminal 5.  

Specialising in power and automation technology, the sponsorship of Heathrow’s power and charging network provides the perfect synergy for ABB, and will build awareness of their technology and services to key business decision makers that travel through the airport on a regular basis.

With the average airline passenger now travelling with two to three electronic devices, the PowerPole network is more in demand than ever before and considered a key service to passengers. Sponsoring a service that is valued by customers is likely to build long term positive brand associations for ABB in the minds of the audience, shape consumer opinions and change attitudes. 

The PowerPoles are central hubs within the departure lounge as passengers gather to charge their electronic devices before flying, making ABB’s branding a focal feature of the departure lounge environment. During their annual campaign ABB have the potential to reach over 37million influential passengers, and with an average dwell time of 165 minutes, passengers will have the time to take in their messages and even conduct further research into ABB’s services on their smartphones or laptops. 

Steve Cox, Marketing Director, JCDecaux Airport said: “The Powerpole sponsorship delivers a unique win-win scenario for both Heathrow and ABB. ABB benefit from association with a passenger service that provides a valuable service intrinsically linked to power and technology, and for Heathrow the sponsorship draws attention to a key service designed to improve the travelling experience.”
The campaign was booked by PSI through JCDecaux Airport and will run from March 2017 for a year.