Alex knows why defibrillators matter

Alex in our Operations team says putting defibrillators into UK high streets really matters. He’s right – because if someone has a cardiac arrest, there’s a 37% chance of saving their life if they are within a 100m radius of a defibrillator.  That’s why we have teamed up with the Community Heartbeat Trust to bring easy-to-access defibrillators to cities across the UK. Our 180 defibrillators have been used 500 times, potentially saving lives and making Alex very proud.



Our Communication Hubs are operated by Infocus Public Networks Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of JCDecaux UK Limited

Anything you do is better than doing nothing at all

We are proud to be out and about in media agencies, making their teams CPR and defibrillator trained, giving them the reassurance and confidence to act should the need arise.  

Check out Dan and Holly from EssenceMediacom looking back at their session; how they found it striking that using a defibrillator is more straightforward than they first thought and how pleased they are that the media channel they work in has such a direct impact on the community.

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Paying back

Our clients' investment with us has not only helped to bring these life-saving devices to local communities up and down the country but also much more. Our Communication Hubs also offer free phone-calls, wayfinding and council information, charging points and fast connection to emergency services. As an effective channel, our clients are able to get their messages out to the public at speed.

Mayor of Greater Manchester
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