A landmark three-stage research study by JCDecaux UK, Clear Channel and Posterscope proves moments and content relevance in digital Out-of-Home campaigns increase consumer brain response, ad recall, brand/creative rating and sales response.


Stage one



This was a research experiment monitoring the brain response of 160 participants during exposure to either contextually relevant (test) or non-contextually relevant (control) digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising:



Stage two

Ad recall


280 respondents viewed a video walkthrough of an indoor shopping centre. The video featured a mixture of contextually relevant (test) and non-contextually relevant (control) advertising displayed on digital Out-of-Home screens. 

Eye tracking software monitored the duration of ad fixation, while a post exposure questionnaire recorded ad recall and creative rating.


Stage three

Sales effect


Meta analysis across multiple effectiveness studies, each of which monitored the link between in-store sales and the use of (or absence of) digital Out-of-Home advertising. 


Maximise the effectiveness of your digital Out-of-Home advertising with contextually relevant messaging.