Justin Gibbons explores the impact the removal of cookies will have on results, and how brands and agencies are planning for growth in The New Different. Learn from the experts in his new book P²+C=6, a new formula for successful media planning in a world without cookies.


What does P² + C = 6 mean?

PUBLIC screens (OOH) and PRIVATE (Online) screens working together remain the central concept and is presented with fresh evidence.
The CREATIVE bridge is about portability and distinctive assets that can be used across different channels.
Outcome based planning means a focus on 6 results now, not 5 as in Justin’s previous book.
  • PRIMING comes to the fore as the way advertising fundamentally works.

  • Planning for TRUST has never been so important and we look at the fresh evidence showing how trust drives business outcomes.

  • Planning for ATTENTION is a growing discipline and agencies share their latest findings.

  • Full-funnel marketing brings together AWARENESS, CONSIDERATION and ACTIVATION into one working model as leading brands share their experiences.

What does Priming mean?

Cookies are disappearing. What will this mean for Marketers? Research shows Awareness drops by 40% and CTR halves when cookies are removed.


Priming is the answer: it recovers lost Attention in a cookieless future. Find out how in Justin Gibbons’ new book P²+C=6 The New Different - From post Covid to post cookie by ordering here.


About the author: Justin Gibbons

Justin is a Researcher and Author whose latest book P²+C=6: The New Different is the much anticipated sequel to  P²+C=5: Marketing and Planning post Covid. Both books examine the formula for effective brand communication and tackle the new challenges facing marketers, including in P²+C=6, the growing importance of Priming as the cookie vanishes.

Justin Gibbons studied History at Edinburgh University and University College London before starting life as a researcher at Synovate. He went on to be a Cool Hunter, Account Planner and Media Strategist working for some of the most ground-breaking agencies in the UK, including PHD, Havas and creative boutique George & Dragon. He founded Work Research in 2006 as a media specialist research business. In 2018 and 2019, Justin co-authored the publications The Brand Gap and Bridging the Brand Gap with Tony Regan, his partner at Work Research. Justin has worked on research projects for businesses including Channel 4, ITV, JCDecaux UK and News UK. 

Key takeaways

  • Research shows Awareness drops by 40% and CTR halves when cookies are removed.


  • Digital ads primed by OOH advertising received on average 37% more attention.


  • IPA research shows revenue per £1 spent is highest when 40-50% of marketing spend is Online.

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