If you're a fan of the BBC's 'The Apprentice' then you may have seen JCDecaux recently feature in this year's series! 
The candidates were tasked by Lord Sugar to create an advertising campaign for a new range of jeans made from Japanese denim.
A TV ad was created to feature alongside an Out-of-Home campaign on London’s Oxford Street.
Judging of the teams and their ideas took place in JCDecaux’s Great West Road office and featured some top names in fashion as well as JCDecaux’s very own Alex Matthews, Managing Director of Dynamic.
The creation of the ads was made by Leire Martinez and our former designer Matt Lewis. Daena Lorne showed off JCDecaux’s ability for the public to share content and engage via mobile with our LDN network using SmartCONTENT.
You can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer now.
JCDecaux's Sale Place office featured on the last series of The Apprentice for judging a campaign where our Transvision network was used.

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