JCDecaux Community Channel enables not-for-profit community and charitable organisations to access digital Out-of-Home locations, in line with our purpose and values. JCDecaux Community Channel aims to ensure that Out-of-Home continues to positively contribute to society, creating real value through the power of the public screen.

This is why we do what we do

Since JCDecaux Community Channel launched in February 2022, we have been proud to support a number of campaigns, bringing worthy causes to local communities nationwide. Here are our success stories.


Find out more about National Park City and its ‘Do London Differently’ campaign, and what the support from JCDecaux Community Channel means to the foundation.

Read Easy

Month-on-Month increase across key engagement metrics:


+35% reader enquiries

+28% social media profile views

+71% social reactions

+36% new followers

+10% web page visitors

"Our existing funders have been delighted by this campaign, one major corporate said it was evidence of a forward-thinking and dynamic organisation. We are confident that this visual representation of what we do will help elevate us as a strong national presence and lead to continued donations and new support. The quality of what has been produced is truly remarkable. Having spent nearly 25 years in the sector, I have not seen such a supportive partnership in action in a very long time. "


"The campaign was hugely successful, meeting the original brand awareness target, and delivering direct impact during the campaign period. We had positive feedback from corporate and supply partners, volunteers and staff. Seeing Felix's branding 'out in the wild' in iconic locations was much celebrated and enjoyed. "



+141% social media impressions

+63% website users

+23% clicks from brand search to web

+20% donations

+17% brand searches

The Felix Project
Stephen Lawrence
Race Against Dementia
"We’re excited to partner with JCDecaux Community Channel to turn their digital Out-of-Home billboards into canvasses for creativity. We wanted to make space for and celebrate the incredible talent in our community and support them in sharing their stories to a wider, appreciative audience."
Roshannah Bagley, Something™
“As Stephen‘s mother, his death continues to be at the forefront of my mind. I hope his continued legacy for change lives on in future generations.”
Baroness Doreen Lawrence
“I was blown away by the fantastic displays for the Sir Jackie Stewart Classic.
Huge thanks to the JCDecaux team for arranging them - they really look wonderful.”
Bridget Barker, CEO, 
Race Against Dementia
Holocaust Memorial Day
“Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) is for everyone. HMD brings people together and strengthens communities. In addition to the big national commemoration, there are tens of thousands of local events taking place up and down the country: in schools, offices, churches, mosques, museums and even prisons. We know that HMD has the power to change people’s hearts. Hearing from survivors and seeing neighbours place candles in their windows – as households across the country will be doing at 8pm on 27 January – people learn from the past for a better future.”


Olivia Marks-Woldman, Chief Executive, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
"Posters to Ponder was a dream come true. It was made extra, extra special when JCDecaux allowed the brief to be given to the students at The School of Communication Arts (SCA). You never forget seeing your first poster out in the wild. They certainly put huge smiles on the students’ faces when they saw their winning entries on a massive billboard. All thanks to the incredible Community Channel team at JCDecaux. It’s a pleasure working with them all. We’re immensely proud of the campaign, too. Happy thoughts, indeed.”
Pete Cain, Creative Director, The Raised Eyebrow Society
The Raised Eyebrow Society
White Ribbon
Project Everyone
"Our Last Photo campaign was all about breaking down the stigma around suicide and starting vital, life-saving conversations. JCDecaux and the Community Channel were invaluable in helping to get that message out there right across the country in prominent, high footfall locations - showing that suicidal doesn't always look suicidal and reaching more people so that if they were struggling they were more likely to ask for help. JCDecaux were a vital part of what we achieved."
“White Ribbon wants to reach as many men as possible to get our message out that everyone can make a difference to end violence against women. That is why the support of JCDecaux UK, and the power of Out-of-Home is so welcome. We know that thousands of people will be introduced to the symbol of the White Ribbon and what it means, maybe for the first time. It is by raising awareness that we know real change can occur.”
Anthea Sully, Chief Executive, 
White Ribbon UK
"We are delighted to partner with JCDecaux to raise awareness of the COP27 climate summit. COP27 marks an opportunity for bigger, bolder climate action from national and local governments, cities and businesses. Climate Action is at the heart of the Global Goals and it is critical that the level of ambition is accelerated, robust financial mechanisms are put in place, adaptation is properly tackled, and climate justice is centred. Public awareness and pressure is a key tool in driving urgent action.” 
Jon Hales, Climate and Business Director, 
Project Everyone
“The amazing opportunity to have Breathe: 2022 carried on JCDecaux's Community Channel has proved a major step-change for Invisible Dust, and provided such an excitingly amplified platform for this ambitious multi-site artwork. This partnership is enabling many more millions of people across London and the UK to view the Breathe: 2022 artworks and, we hope, be provoked to explore the ways we can tackle this global health emergency. It has been particularly fitting to have the work featured on a number of roadside screens, meaning it is consumed in the traffic-choked context we are fighting against.”
Lucy Wood, Art Science Producer, Breathe: 2022/Invisible Dust
Breathe: 2022/Invisible Dust
Brentford Voice
“[Community Channel] were fully supportive and wanted to help us achieve our aim of creating a unique festival for west London. We were amazed when they came back with the proposed poster sites, which were landmark sites in and around Brentford including The Lucozade Landmarks and The M4 Torch!
These were over and above our expectations and certainly raised the profile of the event and helped capture people’s imagination. The event was a huge success with numbers exceeding 3,000 across the whole day, which was helped immensely in no small part by the support of JCDecaux and their Community Channel.”
Martin Case, Chair, Brentford Voice
The Eden Project Communities
"The Community Channel’s support gave Pride50 the power to be everywhere. Bringing our message to audiences who might not otherwise have seen it, or thought it was for them. The partnership created ubiquity for Pride50 bringing the campaign to places where people live their everyday life. During the campaign, our web traffic reached 10x its usual level."
Martin Firrell, Pride50
"We are delighted that JCDecaux UK's The Community Channel is supporting The Big Jubilee Lunch with a digital Out-of-Home campaign across billboards UK-wide, reaching people when they are out and about with our message of celebrating communities and bringing  communities together." 
Claire Crook, Head of Marketing, 
The Eden Project Communities
“The digital outdoor street level assets to compliment our large scale central London art installations were a critical way to engage and educate people around our Clean Power campaign and help to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon future. We would like to thank JCDecaux for this transformational opportunity.”
Oliver Wayman, Bottletop Co-Creator
"Missing People’s first prevention campaign, made possible by the Community Channel, has directly saved lives. The campaign is reaching people who might otherwise have gone missing or taken their own lives. People contacting our free national Helpline are directly mentioning the campaign as their reason to call. Thanks to JCDecaux our amazing frontline team, there 365 days a year, are reporting a notable uptake in contacts from young men in particular. This is a key demographic we need to reach (the groups of adults at highest risk of mental health problems; of going missing) – and historically a hard to reach audience for us."
Ross Miller, Director of Fundraising and Communication, Missing People
Missing People
Heart Research UK
"We recorded a significant increase in web traffic during the campaign with much of the traffic coming from search in areas that the Community Channel boards were placed, including London (top location) and Edinburgh (3rd placed location). We received a number of enquiries from women sharing their story of heart disease having seen the campaign. We have received direct donations as a result of the campaign and have also had a number of press outlets contact us for more information regarding heart health. We have also experienced a considerable amount of comments and engagements on all social posts. One of which directly said that the “campaign saved their life.”
Tom Smith, Head of Marketing and Communications, Heart Research UK
The Compassionate Friends
Income Generation and Marketing​
"Prompted brand awareness has risen from 8% to 10% across the year and this campaign will have contributed to this. We saw a significant 55% uplift in users from the period 2 months preceding compared to the campaign period. We believe the JCDecaux campaign contributed to this uplift. 
The Community Channel is a wonderful idea and is clearly having an impact for those organisations participating. Thank you!"
Stuart Taylor, UK Country Director, 
“We are delighted to have the opportunity to run a campaign to raise awareness of all that we do. The beginning of a new year can be a very difficult time for grieving parents as they face another year without their children. We are a peer support organization so rely on our volunteers who are themselves bereaved parents.”​
Carolyn Brice, CEO, 
The Compassionate Friends
“We are incredibly thankful to JCDecaux UK’s Community Channel for their generous support of The Felix Project and commitment to fight hunger and food waste. We are astounded by the levels of need we are seeing in London, and yet tonnes of good food still goes to waste. This advertising space is crucial to help us get the word out in London about hunger and food waste and critically our need for funds. It will help shine the brightest light on London’s hunger crisis.”​
Tanya Mitchell, Director, 
Income Generation and Marketing​
“Since becoming Mayor, I’ve made it a personal priority to tackle rough sleeping, helping a record 13,500 people off the streets through our support services as we work to build a fairer London for all.  I would like to thank JCDecaux's Community Channel for their continued support of my winter rough sleeping campaign, raising vital funds for London's rough sleeping charities and encouraging Londoners to connect people they see sleeping rough with support services through Streetlink.​"
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan​
Mayor of London