Jaguar has launched its Wimbledon campaign, using Out-of-Home to amplify excitement around the event. #FeelWimbledon has been deployed across JCDecaux’s London Digital Network (LDN), iconic Roadside Large Format sites and Waterloo Station media until July 10th. 
Jaguar’s #FeelWimbledon campaign at Waterloo station will keep commuters updated on the action from the tournament via displays across the biggest indoor screen in Europe.
The campaign will also run on the station’s brand immersion zones, Transvision and D6 screens, banners, as well as floor media, which will direct commuters to a bespoke virtual reality (VR) stand, which places users in the shoes of Jaguar UK brand ambassador, Andy Murray.   
#FeelWimbledon is powered by real-time data supplied from IBM and JCDecaux’s SmartCONTENT technology; a dynamic delivery platform which serves the right creative, at the right time, and to the right place. The data used includes live weather forecasts, match countdowns, live scores and fastest serve data. 
The creative focus of the campaign centres on paralleling tennis ‘moments’ with similar shots of Jaguar models to promote its brand pillars; one example is a clip of a tennis player diving to bat a ball, sidelined with a moving Jaguar car to promote the Jaguar’s ‘#FeelWimbledon’ creative platform.
The #FeelWimbledon campaign is also running on JCDecaux’s wider LDN and Rail D6 network as well as iconic Roadside Digital Large Format sites. 
The media was planned and booked by Kinetic and Mindshare. 
Robert Herd, Head of Communications at Jaguar Land Rover said:“OOH is the perfect way to build excitement during such an iconic British sporting event. Alongside the VR stand and match updates, it will no doubt drive interest and engagement from commuters travelling in from far and wide.”
Spencer Berwin, Co-CEO at JCDecaux said: “With 300,000 station users every day, Waterloo is the perfect spot for brands to host their campaigns. Our LDN network is powered by SmartCONTENT and enables brands to use data to power their campaigns. The #FeelWimbledon campaign is a perfect example of a brand utilising our media to its full potential, and the VR element will definitely drive a lot of engagement too. Who doesn’t want to play tennis like Andy Murray?”

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