Helping brands and agencies engage Gen Z in the real world

There are 10 million Gen Zs in the UK and Out-of-Home can help our clients and partners reach this digital native audience in the social spaces such as malls where they enjoy real-world engagement and immersive, engaging brand experiences.


Launching GENgage - a new programme to reach Gen Zs

If you're looking to target this digital-first audience online, you'll know how hard it is to reach them. As big users of ad blockers, with a preference for ad skipping, the key to reaching them is on the trusted public screen of Out-of-Home.


GENgage is our latest programme from our Business Growth division that has been developed to give you an effective, powerful and proven approach to reaching this valuable audience. 


How GENgage supports you

GENgage helps brands across a wide range of sectors overcome three distinct challenges to ensure they are relevant to Gen Z. 


These are:

100% Gen ZDigitally-led brands targeting Gen Z only that need new channels to amplify their reach and grow their business further. 
Evolving BrandsBusinesses where Gen Z makes up part of their customer base that want to increase the proportion of their younger audience. They're looking to evolve their marketing approach to stay relevant to this dynamic, fast-growing consumer segment. 
Reset BrandsOrganisations facing challenges in adapting to today's digital world. They recognise that failing to engage younger audiences leaves them at risk of only being relevant to an ageing and declining customer base. 

Developing your Gen Z strategy

Gen Z wants authenticity, fairness and themselves represented in a brand’s marketing. This makes understanding their needs, mindset, and aspirations is critical if you want to engage with them properly.


To facilitate this, we’ve developed a programme that gives you access to a growing suite of support services that will add value and refine your Gen Z approach in 5 key areas:

Tap into specialists that can help develop your understanding, inform your strategy, and activate your marketing.
Align Out-of-Home with other media, social media, and influencer platforms to amplify, enhance and engage your activity in key environments.
Link up with charities, bodies and social enterprises supporting, interacting and influencing Gen Zers to develop your appeal based on what matters to them.
Hone your messaging and approach so it resonates with this audience through visual testing, 3-D and anamorphic tools, and external creative agencies.
Reach Gen Z in the critical environments they inhabit through data-led campaign targeting.

Get the latest insights

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GENgage in action

Find out how businesses are using Out-of-Home to reach and grow their businesses with a Gen Z audience.

“As Skullcandy’s primary audience is between 16-30, we were keen to test out-of-home to reach them. We specifically targeted bus stop locations during the back-to-school period, and the creative reflected a travelling theme for added relevancy.”   DAN SHEPHERD SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER, ONEAGENCY

Find out how to get closer to Gen Z

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