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What is Dynamic?

There are two different types of Dynamic campaigns, both of which require a HTML build.

Simple Dynamic - 
 A creative template where set elements can change. 
Complex Dynamic -  A creative template where set elements within the ad can change, based on external data feed (API). 

Simple Dynamic

Bespoke template with pre-set data uploaded e.g. town names, store specific, weather etc. The pre-rendered template allows for one piece of copy to be produced, which can be overlaid with the specific data callout.

Complex Dynamic

Bespoke file built in accordance with the client’s specifications calling upon external data feed/tailored creative. A file is created to ‘read’ a data feed allowing visual changes in accordance to the information provided. The creative must be designed with multiple outcomes to reflect the changes in the data feed. This manipulation of the creative is normally live, e.g. train times, photo uploads or the number of Santander bike stands.

HTML files can be supplied by JCDecaux's Creative Solutions team or by Content Production Specialist (already briefed & delivered by likes of, Grand Visual etc).


HTML Guidelines and Policy 

  • All files should be tested in Broadsign Administration prior to delivery to JCD to ensure they are compatible.
  • We do not test a file’s technical capabilities; only the capability of it playing out on our screens
  • We only accept HTML.
  • The file must have the fall-back copy embedded.
  • Linear fall-back must be static (Default).
  • The HTML file must be set up to the correct screen specs, as per the route frame ID report.
  • The path must be an FTP; which if not used before may need to be whitelisted by Corp requiring additional time.
  • Some HTMLs and linear files must be rotated (counter clockwise) in Broadsign, so that it plays correctly on our screens – please see the route frame id report for sites included.
  • The ad duration must be as per the route frame ID report unless pre-agreed.
  • The briefing document must contain images of the creatives and the advanced mode.
  • The “External party” are in control of moderating the content and an agreement must be signed pre-testing. Failure to sign will result in linear fall-bacl (default) being scheduled. 
  • JCD will test the files on our internal screens and will run one night test in the live environment if required between 1am – 4am.

Delivery deadlines for HTML FILES

  • 1 to 10 files – 10 working days
  • 11 to 30 files – 15 working days
  • 30 to 50 files – 20 working days
  • Any more must be pre agreed

** Working hours: Monday to Thursday 9am to 5:30pm, Friday 9am to 4:30pm, excluding bank holidays.


Required Documents 

The below MUST be supplied before testing can start:
  • Signed Moderation Agreement – this must be signed by someone Director level or above before a HTML5 ad copy can be used by both the production house producing the file and any other moderators. Failure to sign a moderation agreement will result in linear fall-back (default) being scheduled for the campaign.
  • Campaign Brief – including details on the expectations of the file, live date, and formats
  • Fallback/Default copy to spec per format
  • HTML file per spec
  • Monitor Sync/Advanced Mode