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Landlord Policies 

Please see below general guidelines that apply to all copy, followed by landlord specific policies.

Should you have any concerns about whether creative is acceptable please send through to Campaign Management for approval. Contact details and approval timelines can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • All copy should be legal, decent, honest, and truthful, and comply with CAP Code and ASA guidelines. Free copy advice is available over the phone, 020 7492 2100, and on their website,
  • Must not be indecent, obscene, or display nudity
  • Must not depict scenes of violence or weapons
  • Must not contain offensive language or swearing
  • Must not contain references to, or images of smoking
  • Must not contain imagery that suggests the panel has been damaged or defaced


  • Must comply with TfL Public Sector Equality Duty
  • Must be HFSS Compliant 
  • Must not make reference to body image
  • No adult entertainment
  • No matters of public controversy or sensitivity
  • Nothing that makes negative references to TfL services 
  • No political campaigns
TfL’s Policy Guidance can be read here, and Advertising Policy can be read here



  • Must not be unlawful, distasteful, offensive, obscene, lewd or immoral
  • Must not reference political parties or a political cause or adverts of a religious nature
  • No cigarettes or tobacco advertising
  • No adverts for any Online Retailers without receiving copy approval from the Mall
  • Must not be competitive in nature to retailers or activities carried out within the Centre (competitive shopping centres or competitive retailers)   
  • All content should be suitable for a family environment

Network Rail

  • Must not be likely to cause offence to a substantial part of the public
  • Must not depict or refer to nudity, indecency, obscenity, striptease or bodily functions
  • Must not advertise lap-dancing, escort agencies or massage parlours
  • Must not depict murder, scenes of terror or acts of violence
  • Must not be political and call for the support of or attacks a viewpoint, policy or political group
  • Must not interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the Railway or Station
  • Must not damage the interests of Rail partners, bring them into disrepute, or lead to unacceptable comment on Rail partners
  • Network Rail’s Code of Acceptance can be viewed below


  • Use of Tesco/Waitrose assets, copyright and style is at the sole discretion of their respective media teams at Dunnhumby and Waitrose Media Centre. This includes use of price messaging, promotional mechanics, new and exclusive.
  • Tesco’s advertising guidelines can be viewed below


  • Please see Heathrow’s advertising policy