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Management Policy

JCDecaux require copy and scheduling instructions in advance of campaigns in order to complete copy preparation activities.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, excluding UK bank holidays.
  • Design allocation instructions need to be provided to Campaign Management on Monday prior to In Charge
  • Prescriptive posting instructions must be confirmed in writing with Campaign Management a minimum of 10 working days prior to live date and is chargeable 
  • If site specific instructions are sent they must include Route ID and panel number 
  • Posters need to be in the depot on the Wednesday before In Charge
  • Only poster despatches from Campaign Management are valid
  • Depots are subject to change and only posters sent to the depot less than four weeks prior to live date are moved by JCDecaux
  • JCDecaux is not responsible for moving or for the loss of posters sent more than four weeks and no compensation will be given

Landlord Copy Guidelines 


  • Must be legal and CAP compliant
  • Must comply with TfL Public Sector Equality Duty
  • Must not be of an overtly sexual nature
  • Must be HFSS Compliant –
  • Must not make reference to body image
  • No adult entertainment
  • No violent images or offensive weapons
  • No matters of public controversy or sensitivity
  • Nothing that makes negative references to TfL services 
  • No political campaigns
  • No cigarettes or tobacco advertising


  • Advertises a competitive Shopping Centre or Retailer that is competitive in nature to stores or activities carried out in the centre
  • Contravenes any statutory or regulatory provisions or relevant codes of practice (including without limitation the rules of Advertising Standards Authority)
  • Political or Religious Advertising
  • Cigarettes or Tobacco Advertising
  • Anything Offensive, Improper, Immoral, Illegal or which violates any intellectual property rights


  • Must be legal
  • ​​​​​​​Must abide by the ASA code of practice
  • Must not be likely to cause offence to a substantial part of the public
  • Must not depict or refer to nudity, indecency, obscenity, striptease or bodily functions
  • Must not contain or refer to obscene language
  • Must not advertise lap-dancing, escort agencies or massage parlours
  • Must not depict murder, scenes of terror or acts of violence
  • Must not be political and call for the support of or attacks a particular viewpoint, policy or political group
  • No graffiti or imagery that suggests the poster has been damaged or defaced
  • Must not interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the Railway or Station
  • Must not damage the interests of Rail partners, bring them into disrepute, or lead to unacceptable comment on Rail partners
*Some supermarkets have their own guidelines, speak to Campaign Management for further details.


Copy & Design Instructions/Delivery Destination 

Partners should send their client’s copy to the below email address.

Receipt of the copy into the correct email address is used as the official date it has been delivered to us.

PartnerKinetic (including Mediacom)RapportTalonPosterscope (including Adcity)One WorldRetail Media Centre 
Copy Delivery

JCDecaux require copy and scheduling instructions in advance of campaigns in order to complete copy preparation activities