The Brand Funding programme works in partnership with brands and manufacturers to boost sales of products and services through extensive retailer networks using co-funded Out-of-Home advertising campaigns.

Brand funding effectiveness. Kawasaki case study

The KRTS target audience is hard-to-reach commuters and students. Channel Rail provided the ideal high dwell time platform to communicate our rider training message to this audience, in an active mindset as they commute to and from work or university. JCDecaux research and our own analytics proved that the campaign engaged the KRTS target audience, and encouraged them to find out more about our services, and we were pleased with the results delivered. Victoria Ward Marketing Coordinator, Kawasaki Motors UK

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Location tailoring. Increased relevance

The Brand Funding programme showcases the availability of national products within retail outlets at the heart of local communities.

64% of consumers agree they prefer to shop at businesses that have an affiliation with their local area or local community. National brands can prompt positivity by promoting their product via retail outlets close to consumers exposed to the advertising.

The brand funding programme leverages the experience of the extensive network of our team members based across the country, who will work with the brand’s location-specific retail partners for optimum campaign reach and effectiveness.

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