Rail - Make the right connections

1 The Big Ticket
2 Motion@Euston
3 London Blackfriars
4 #GhostbustersWaterloo

Rail : Make the Right Connections

The rail audience is affluent, connected and highly mobile, with 56% of them being more likely to own and use a smart phone (TGI). A blend of business, retail and leisure, they are 46% more likely than the average adult to be a business decision maker. Prepared to spend more for good quality luxury brands, they have a high disposable income with 138% more likely to have a household income of £55,000 or more (TGI). Further valuable detail about this audience is regularly gained from our Connected Commuter panel; a smartphone community that provides real insight via surveys, polls and forums, asking the panel questions base on any category or current topics.

Rail passengers have ‘down time’ on their commute, which allows them to remain connected via increased smartphone ownership. They are at a point of high dwell time and are in a positive mindset, readily looking for information and willing and open to consume and engage with messages. Our Connected Commuter panel shows that 86% would use their mobile phone to pay for items.

Rail Stations have turned into digital landscapes and retail destinations in their own right. Longer dwell time and audiences mindset allows rail advertising to be more detailed with longer copy. The upmarket nature of the audience combined with their increased connectivity and high frequency offers advertisers an ideal channel to communicate, inform and build a relationship with this audience. 90% of this highly desirable audience can be targeted via our network of media at national rail stations (Route, 2015), with the added ability to connect with specific groups at particular times via our channel of national digital screens.