How many times have you said that “one day” you’ll do something amazing, whether that be sky diving, walking the Great Wall of China or taking a road trip across America? Well, Virgin Atlantic’s new campaign is urging people to seize the day and make those goals and aspirations happen. 
The airline is picking out tweets from users who have written a message in the past about activities they would like to do “one day” and posting them across Out-of-Home sites. If the selected tweeter sees this and gets in touch with Virgin Atlantic by the end of the day, the company will help make their dreams a reality.  
The OOH copy will change depending on the progression of the hunt for the chosen Tweeter throughout the day.
The campaign kicked off with a tweet from @molly_bayston three years ago saying “Proper want to go sky diving one day!” Virgin Atlantic reached out to her with the message “tweet us before midnight and we’ll help make your #OneDay happen.” Molly saw it and got in touch, so Virgin Atlantic awarded her with a trip to go sky diving in California!
Hamish Rickman, Vice President, Marketing at Virgin Atlantic commented: “So many of us say ‘one day I will…’ but all too often we don’t allow that ‘one day’ to happen. With this campaign, we’re not only aiming to motivate and inspire people to achieve that one thing they have always talked about but for a lucky few, actually help make it happen”. 
The campaign, planned and booked with JCDecaux by PHD and Talon, is live from the 16th-20th May across Transvision screens and Rail D6s across the UK. A new #OneDay tweet will be picked each day throughout the campaign.