In a retail media first, Trinity Leeds, the only major development to open in the UK this year, has partnered with Sony to create an immersive brand campaign and takeover of all the shopping centre’s media platforms for four days - using a series of tech firsts demonstrating the consistently innovative approach Sony takes to its communications.

Promoting the new Xperia Z smartphone as part of a national campaign, Sony Mobile dominated advertising throughout the centre’s screen network including JCDecaux digital 6-sheets, large-format screens; the new portrait M-Vision. In addition, multi-sensory creative ran across three interactive, gesture controlled screens. Featuring the new Xperia Z handset, motion detection cameras tracked passersby and mirrored their silhouettes on the screens which then revealed new content.

See images of the opening weekend here.

Sony also took over the centre’s event space to promote the product experientially to shoppers in the centre and engaged those planning their visit by harnessing the centre’s social media and mobile website.

The campaign with JCDecaux was planned and booked by PHD and Posterscope while the creative has been produced by Iris Worldwide and interactive digital production was created Grand Visual.

Sean Curtis, Head of Business Marketing & Brand Partnerships at Land Securities, said: “We have created an exclusive environment to connect brands with the right consumers when they are highly engaged and in an active shopping mode. Brand immersion gives our partners access to a unique advertising proposition and allows them to optimise every channel to create a truly impactful brand campaign.”

Spencer Berwin, Managing Director, Sales at JCDecaux, said: “Trinity Leeds will transform shopping and leisure opportunities in the region. The digital media space at the centre offers the ideal environment for brands, offering creative flexibility to run inspirational, content-rich campaigns that enhance the shopping and leisure experience for an increasingly connected consumer audience. Trinity Leeds’ unique position in the city centre will ensure exceptional footfall, making this a key environment for clients such as Sony Mobile.”

Anthony Woodward Media Director at PHD, said: “Trinity Leeds promises to be the most exciting retail launch this year. It provides the ideal environment for big brands to reach tech-savvy audiences in the second biggest financial hub outside London. Digital Outdoor is becoming ever more important to advertisers in opening up tactical opportunities to connect with the retail audience.”

Neil Morris, Founder & Managing Director of Grand Visual, commented: “Trinity Leeds offers an exciting digitally advanced, experiential environment. Giant interactive video walls deliver ‘Wonder Experiences’ based on natural ergonomic movement. We are delighted to be on board as a content partner for the four interactive screens to help create truly memorable communications for brands keen to engage audiences at the all important point of sale.”

Marking the beginning of the next generation of shopping centres, Trinity Leeds is the most digitally enabled in the UK offering a new mobile App, a unique network of digital screens, free Wi-Fi, Google Product Search to find items on sale in the centre and a service team equipped with iPads and a unique service app, all to ensure retailers and shoppers can get the most from a visit to the centre.