Leading European airline Lufthansa launched an immersive experience for passengers right in the heart of Terminal 2’s International Departure Lounge.

Inviting passengers to experience the airline’s new ‘Premium Economy’ seating, Lufthansa and JCDecaux Airport installed an interactive stand to showcase the value and added extras that can be benefited by opting for the ‘premium’ seating class.

Featuring a set of four economy seats and four premium economy seats, passengers could spend their average 83 minutes of dwell time in the departure lounge testing the seating and questioning the stand’s ‘hostesses’ to find out more information on the “more service, more space, more than happy” economy alternative.

As the home of Lufthansa, Terminal 2 is the ideal environment to reach the airline’s frequent flyers, whilst also providing an opportunity to interact with an estimated half a million passengers passing through the terminal across the three week campaign period. With an audience profile of 90% ABC1, and 39% travelling on business, Terminal 2 delivers an affluent, influential, high-net-worth individual seeking a more exclusive way to travel.

The campaign was planned and booked by JCDecaux Airport UK direct with the client, Lufthansa.