JCDecaux’s fresh new vision for London is finally here, and with it comes the latest bOOHk of Big Numbers, this time suitably tailored to the UK’s capital alone.
This third edition of the bOOHk continues to be a digestible take on the Out-of-Home (OOH) numbers from Route, only this time it’s dedicated solely to London, its thriving media landscape and the valuable audience who live and work there. 
It also looks at a new area of London – ‘Greater Greater London’ (GGL), which covers the areas where the OOH sites in central London (zones 1&2) reach 1 in 5 of the population. These are the people who visit London to either work or shop but don’t necessarily live within the traditional boundaries. 
Not only does the bOOHk use Route, but this time it also includes other sources of data. JCDecaux has commissioned new research specifically to understand the London audience; from their shopping habits to their media consumption. The bOOHk also investigates the difference between those residing in Central London to those who work and shop there. 
Excitingly, in addition to all of this, the bOOHk showcases CACI – the retail experts – as JCDecaux recognises the importance in understanding where people in London spend their money and how each retail zone in the capital is unique.
The combination of Route, bespoke audience research and CACI provides an extensive guide on how and why you should reach this valuable audience.