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Diverse stakeholders. Diverse needs.

The range of stakeholders we work with is as diverse as our activities. It encompasses local government, advertisers, media and planning agencies, transport companies, landlords, public bodies, and trade associations; as well as shareholders, the public and our own team members.

As ambassadors for our company values we are committed to reinforcing our team’s commitment to sustainable development. How they work day to day is what brings our values to life.
Our team is dedicated to sustainable practice

 Working in partnership. Advertisers.

Our advertisers want advertising products that deliver results; they also want quality, innovation and customer service. We work hard to encourage loyalty by continually innovating to ensure our media solutions fit the needs of our advertisers, responsibly.
Advertising impacting brand and consumer alike

Part of the community. Making a difference.

Our product lines provide great value and great services for our local authority partners. We support them in their own public service and promotional communications; our street furniture incorporates accessibility features; and we support cities with their recycling commitments by including integrated collection banks within our street furniture. In 2014 this resulted in the collection of 5,300 tonnes of batteries and 24,000 tonnes of glass globally.

 250,000 people are helped every year by charity Missing People, and we are proud to help them with their work. We provide national digital media space, and hold fundraising events for the cause in our offices throughout the year.   

Sustainable purchasing. Sourcing with integrity.

Working with the right suppliers is a vital part of our product quality process. We’ve worked with many of them for a long time, and developed partnerships of trust, ensuring that they share our values and our commitment to sustainable development. Those responsible for purchasing within JCDecaux are educated in sustainable procurement, and we incorporate sustainable development criteria into our contract bids, evaluating it as part of the process.

Equality and diversity initiatives in our supply chain include the use of local suppliers, where possible.
All our suppliers sign a Supplier Code of Conduct which commits them to respecting the values and commitments embodied within our six strategic priorities.