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Tread lightly

JCDecaux was founded on a sustainable business model, providing a service in exchange for advertising revenue. This principle is now woven into the fabric of the business through a comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility.


Making the built environment better

We are committed to making the built environment better. We support our partners in their development through innovative solutions and business practices which integrate sustainable developments with highly functional operations.

Six strategic priorities

In 2014 we implemented the Sustainable Development Strategy across the business and its subsidiaries across the world. The six priorities are born out of the three core pillars of sustainable development and encompass all our business activities.

Environmental priorities

  • Reduce our energy consumption

  • Reduce our other environmental impacts

Social priorities

  • Deploy a group-wide health & safety policy

  • Implement an ambitious group-wide social policy

 Stakeholder priorities

  • Reinforce sustainable development in the purchasing policy

  • Strengthen employees commitment towards sustainable development

Find out more about a specific area of our sustainability commitments.