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Our impact. Identify and act.

We are consistently reducing our energy consumption through improvements to our street furniture, our vehicles and our buildings, reducing the resultant carbon emissions. At the same time, we work hard to reduce our other environmental impacts. Life-cycle assessments (LCA) have identified three other areas of critical environmental impact in which we focus: our uses of paper and plastic and our management of waste.

We’ve instigated a continuous national training programme to raise awareness and introduced new systems for comprehensive communication on environmental matters. This is extended to our contractors, through training and support to help them introduce basic environmental management systems that work for their businesses.

Our products’ longevity. Focus on quality.

Our business is built on a commitment to quality. Our products complement the environment, not detract from it. Investment in the best possible products guarantees inventory quality; we optimise our use of raw materials, and reuse or recycle at contract end. During the contract, regular maintenance and, in the case of our digital products, active central monitoring and remote intervention, keep our products in optimum condition throughout their lifecycle.

Innovating for the environment. Our achievements.

Here are a few of the achievements driven from our environmental priorities.