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Introducing the product

Located at London Euston station, Motion@Euston is a digital landscape screen with  full motion  capabilities. 


Technical specification


Static content
Format: JPEG
Size: w3200 x h800 pixels
Rotation: Landscape
Colour Model: RGB
Full and subtle motion contentFormat: MP4
Size: w3200 x h800 pixels
Rotation: Landscape
File Size: 20MB or less
Encoding: H264
Frame Rate: 25fps
Data Rate: 8mbits/sec or less
Length: 20 secs
File naming conventionCampaign_EMOTION_LiveDate (YYMMDD)
Submitting copyPlease send copy as an attachment or downloadable link to:

Talon and Posterscope clients-
Rapport and Kinetic clients -
Direct clients-
Copy submission deadlinePlease supply copy 5 working days in advance of live date

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