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Prioritising partnership. Collaboration and cooperation.

Throughout the life of our contracts we work closely with our partners. We continuously seek to grow the scale of the opportunity, plus income, for us all.

Because quality of display is paramount we invest time and budget in designing products to complement the visual amenity of the stores. All our products are rigorously tested and built to last. This quality-first approach singles us out.

product placement. In the last window of influence.

Through experience we’ve learnt how to build the most effective point-of-sale network. The best positioning for media is right outside the supermarket entrance. Advertising is more effective without competition, so we only install panels that will guarantee the best visibility. We use our substantial investment in research to prove this works. It delivers a good customer experience, effectiveness for advertisers and greater returns for everyone.   

The power of data. Driving results and engagement.

Demonstrating our commitment to true partnership, we invest both in our own data, and in analysing and understanding our partners’ data to uncover granular information about each audience. This benefits our advertisers, and, as a result, our partners.

Our proprietary MyShop panel provides valuable insight into shopper behaviour both in and out of the store. EPOS data delivers a clear understanding of advertising effectiveness. Our unique data partnership with dunnhumby means access to £923 million of customer spend and 13 million unique shopper store visits. This supplies a wealth of store specific consumer data to enable pinpoint audience targeting. 

Ads shown appeal to consumers seeing them, as they are curated by factors including calendar events, seasonality and weather, as well as by store and by time. This means greater levels of engagement and greater levels of sales effectiveness.

On average these campaigns see a +23% sales uplift during a campaign and +11% sales uplift post campaign (source: Nielsen).
We work in close collaboration with JCDecaux towards one goal – refining and enhancing the proposition to create an effective advertising channel to benefit all stakeholders, including consumers. JCDecaux are prepared to invest in product and in data to grow the available opportunity, so they concentrate on understanding our business to make this investment work as hard as possible. The Smartscreen network, driven by our positive collaboration, is at the cutting edge of innovation and delivers results for everyone involved. Matthew BoughtonMedia Trading Director, Dunnhumby Ltd