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Our partners. Cities and transport authorities.

Connected Cities. JCDecaux in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a World Heritage Site and a truly connected city. JCDecaux's products are at the heart of this connectivity. Our activities are closely integrated into the city's agenda. We have an exclusive ten-year contract for the complete advertising rights to the city. We also work closely with Edinburgh Airport and Network Rail at Edinburgh Waverley. Our focus is design, delivery, digital and data. We are committed to transforming the advertising estate for Edinburgh residents, visitors and the Council, constantly innovating to improve the visual amenity and the user experience. 
Working together to benefit everyone in Edinburgh
An example of true partnership. City centre and arterial route products
"These new digital bus shelters will not only vastly improve the appearance of some of our busiest streets, providing comfortable shelters... but will also allow us to communicate real-time messages efficiently... transforming on-street advertising."

Councillor Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener

Our partnerships. Transforming landscapes.

Our business model places partnership working at its heart. Our long-term contracts and our company ethos of consistent innovation mean we are able to provide exceptional services to suit the changing needs of those who live in, work in and visit the UK's cities. We work on a principle of continuous evolution, future-proofing what we build, advising on effective developments, innovating and generating revenue. We are expert at working within heritage environments, ensuring that the work we do complements the overall amenity.

Through the contract life, we consistently focus on cleaning, maintenance and health and safety. This is brought to life through our own team's enthusiasm for making a difference to the cities, and their citizens, where they work.
“Salford City Council has entered a successful partnership with JCDecaux which raises revenue for the council and provides opportunities to promote key council campaigns. The landmark arch is hugely successful and represents a great deal for council taxpayers, as the revenue from our partnership can be invested in key public services for the people of Salford.” Paul DennettSalford City Mayor
The completed Salford Arch spanning the A57

Our Partnerships. Access to our products.

The flexibility of our digital products enables our partners to use them, when required, to broadcast important messages quickly across a broad area. This ensures reach of as many people as possible, efficiently.  

TfL used our digital large format products to make drivers aware of road closures due to the London Marathon.

Welcome to LDN. Digital, delivery and data.

 In 2016 we were awarded the world's largest bus shelter advertising concession by Transport for London (TfL). We immediately began the ambitious city-wide roll-out of our digital 6-sheet product across this new network and our existing presence within the London Boroughs.  Locations include King’s Road, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner, High Street Kensington, Park Lane, Kingston upon Thames, Upper Street and, of course, London's most famous retail destination, Oxford Street. 

Our management of this contract is powered by the '3 Ds' - digital, delivery and data - creating a truly smart on-street screen network that penetrates into the heart of London's business, shopping and leisure locations.

Update on the capital’s digital transformation
"JCDecaux's new digital screens provide tailored, dynamic advertising and will brighten the journeys of our passing customers and other road users."

Graeme Craig, TfL Commercial Development Director

Growing LDN. Kensington & Chelsea.

JCDecaux was awarded the bus shelter contract with Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea in February 2016.  

Our new 15 year partnership launched in March 2017 and will see the installation of 80 Lord Norman Foster-designed bus shelters in the affluent West London districts of Knightsbridge, High Street Kensington, Notting Hill and King’s Road.  Over 25 of the new bus shelters will feature digital advertising screens and touchscreen information points - key additions to LDN.

For the benefit of the public. Evolving innovation.

For us, innovation is about the whole project, and how the innovations we implement will benefit the public. Our products must be sustainable and environmentally responsible. They provide services to support the public in their time out of the home; and they have to look great. 

The principle of our business – supporting our partners in providing services to the public - has remained consistent. But its implementation has dramatically changed through the adoption of cutting-edge new technology to fulfil the ever-changing requirements of people on the move.

The product lines we develop are aesthetically impressive but also sensitive to street aspect and to the nature of the area in which they're installed. Innovation also embraces environmental responsibility, sensitive to energy and water saving requirements.