The book includes research, insights and new intelligence to help brands build effective, more balanced communications. P² + C = 5 takes readers through how advertising works, the fault lines in advertising investment, the role of attention, trust and creativity, the balance of private and public marketing and examines what this means for brands post-Covid.

So what does the formula P² + C = 5 mean?

is the Public screen (e.g. OOH/TV) working with the Private screen (mobile and on-line) that amplifies outcomes for brands.
C is the Creative contribution, using ‘distinctive assets’, context and a ‘creative bridge’ to move assets across platforms, priming audiences in their first exposure in high-attention channels.
5 is the outcome ofplus C, referring to how Attention sits at the heart of how we create Trust to drive Awareness, Consideration and Activation.
This book is a call to arms. It captures a moment in time for brands, not just about the impact of Covid-19, but about how brands prosper and grow in our changing world. The algebra in the title is the new formula for better advertising and is made even more important by the Covid crisis. The learnings in this book and the new formula for success are vital as we consider post-Covid marketing. It won’t be, and shouldn’t be simply a ‘new normal’ where the existing rules get a tweak. Rather it should be a ‘new different’ a chance to rethink and reinvent how we think about marketing. Justin GibbonsWork Research Founder

The book is available from 29th September in digital, audio and physical form. Just click here for which ever version you prefer.

About the Author

Justin Gibbons studied History at Edinburgh University and University College London before starting life as a researcher at Synovate. He went on to be a Cool Hunter, Account Planner and Media Strategist working for some of the most ground-breaking agencies in the UK, including PHS, Havas and creative boutique George & Dragon.

He founded Work Research in 2006 as a media specialist research business.

In 2018 and 2019, Justin co-authored the publications The Brand Gap and Bridging the Brand Gap with Tony Regan, his partner at Work Research.

Justin has worked on research projects for businesses including Channel 4, ITV, JCDecaux UK, News UK and Global.