Dear all
Our aim has always been to be open and honest in our communications, guided by our values and principles. The events that have taken place this week have required further discussion, listening to our people and reflection on how we best communicate with the JCDecaux community.

JCDecaux has a Charter of Fundamental Social Values which is based on the international standards of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation. Among the 17 commitments enshrined in our Charter are the “no discrimination in the work place” and the “condemnation of all forms of harassment and violence.” 
As individuals and as a leadership team we have reflected on the impact of the recent racist events in the US and what we can do in response.  
We recognise that racism, injustice and brutality impacts us all and as a business we’re committed to actively creating an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging and is respected as an individual. 
We have listened to the defining perspectives that our people have shared with us over the last few days and it is only through this open and honest dialogue that change happens. And change will happen.

Today we commit to the following three actions in order to further understand, to listen and to shape our future.

Firstly, we all need to understand the context and history of racism and the impact of racism on society, communities and individuals globally today. From knowledge comes understanding. From understanding comes change. We will  create a learning hub with a broad range of resources including webinars, ted talks, documentaries, books and articles.

Secondly, we will  consult with you in the coming weeks to help shape our response. We will set up small groups where views can be shared with honesty and transparency. Listening to all our people and our partners about what impacts them and their communities so we can actively progress how we as a business can respond. We will publish those viewpoints, subject to people's agreement in an open forum.

Thirdly, we will create an inclusion board that will actively evolve our approach to equality and advise the main board on our inclusivity strategy and the actions we can take to show support for people, charities and campaigns. 
We want to sincerely thank again those of you who shared your views.  It is only through this open and honest dialogue that change happens and it has already started thanks to you. 
Thank you

JCDecaux UK & One World.