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Digital screens. A straightforward communication solution.

 Our digital screens are flexible and adaptable, offering targeted information which provides a responsive real time, flexible communication solution. They can broadcast valuable messages in real time, such as weather data, traffic and transport status updates, events information and even emergency messaging.
In addition, they enhance our partners’ own communication campaigns, reflecting the design and tone of other communication, and incorporating information from social media platforms. 

Interactive digital. An appreciated amenity.

Interactivity means people living in, working in and visiting places equipped with our screens so they can decide what information they want to access about where they are, and when. The open platform is fully customisable, so each partner we work with can decide what information is most useful, and when. 

Designed to be seen. Complementing the environment.

Digital screen-based communication can directly improve the public’s experience of their surroundings, for example through language-specific greetings and onward travel information in a transport hub, or raising awareness of themed holiday events and activities in a shopping mall. It’s a chance to provide a positive impression of the location in question.

Digital products. Safety, efficiency, environmental responsibility.

The products we design and install have environmental considerations at their heart. Our indoor LCD screens have reduced their energy consumption by 66% since 2012, while our indoor LED screens have reduced their energy consumption by 25%; and our outdoor LED screens by 23%.   

Installing a digital bus shelter in the heart of London's Oxford Street