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Our quality policy. Getting it right first time.

We have over 55,000 individual items of street furniture and advertising sites to maintain throughout the country. Our activities are high profile, taking place in environments where the public and passengers take top priority.

To achieve our goals effectively all our activities are shaped by our quality policy.

  • Doing things right first time gives an efficiency advantage
  • Doing things fast gives a speed advantage
  • Doing things on time gives a reliability advantage
  • Changing what you do gives a flexibility advantage
  • Doing things cost effectively gives an economic advantage

our street furniture. Quality from the start. 

We invest heavily in the design and manufacture of our advertising and street furniture products. We work with world-renowned designers to create products that complement their environment and provide an effective service for users.

Learn more about our design heritage

We manufacture the units ourselves to ensure optimum quality and functionality.  Before installation, our products undergo a rigorous testing programme. After installation, regular structural testing and product inspections ensure they look great and perform well throughout the contract duration.

Across our portfolio. Ongoing product development.

Our extensive digital product portfolio contains products suitable for every indoor and outdoor environment. Our digital units, and their component parts, are tested exhaustively before launching to market. After installation, our digital performance team monitors the performance of our digital products 24 hours a day, recording screen connectivity and proof of play.

On the print side of our business, the Research and Development team consistently investigate new materials, inks, colour management and machinery. These can improve the quality of our print display as well as its environmental credentials.

Regular maintenance. An ongoing commitment.

The quality of our products is maintained by our consistent refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance programmes. We work to agreed SLAs throughout our contracts, with a proactive refurbishment programme and 24 hour reporting and a fast response service for any faults and issues. Our digital products are monitored using a number of automated processes.

We care about the environments you live in. Report damage, graffiti or faults.

  • Or call our 24hrs Incident Management Hotline: 0808 164 5081


Our team. Taking responsibility, taking pride.

We carry out all maintenance and upkeep services ourselves and monitor ongoing progress. Each team member has regular scheduled retraining to ensure the way we work is kept up-to-date. All the environments in which we work are public, unique and sensitive, so to guarantee expert attention each has its own specialist team.

We are experts in installing and maintaining products in the high-security Airport environment. Here, the proximity of the public to the advertising estate puts quality and efficiency truly in the spotlight. The passenger experience takes priority, so work must take place during the night, during a very short window of time. As a result the Airport operations team have an exceptional knowledge of the building layout and the job they are tasked with to perform their duties effectively.

Installation within the airport environment

To promote accountability and pride, as well as the most efficient workflow, each team member has their own designated route or area to maintain. They become a regular sight within the community, as their regular cleaning, maintenance, posting and installation tasks are carried out on their own meticulously-planned route, from the same depot, on the same day of the week. Performance is closely measured to identify areas of improvement where required.

Effective and efficient. Respecting the environment.

Environmental considerations are at the heart of our maintenance activities. We are constantly improving in our drive to be best-in-class across our depots and our working practices. For example, we use COSHH approved cleaning materials and water based paints and products, and have reduced our water use by 65% when compared with conventional cleaning practices.