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More attractive

We have partnered with globally renowned designers and architects to create ranges of advertising products that fit seamlessly into varied locations.

Our products are designed to complement the environment in which they’re located.


We build our products from high quality, tried and tested materials, chosen for their style and their durability.


31% of our UK team work in the field on a daily basis to ensure our products are well-maintained: clean, and fully operational.

More useful

You may not realise we supplied them, but our services include everything from street lights to benches to bins to mobile charging stations, providing practical everyday benefits.

Our displays and screens make daily life more straightforward outside the home. They update you on news and events, help you reach your destination and find the place you're looking for.

We are in the process of installing 1,000 digital screens in bus shelters across London.

This will improve the visual amenity and, because messages can be changed by event, weather, news and location, deliver advertising more relevant to the here and now.


We have installed free-to-use device charging points in 25 bus shelters on Princes Street in Edinburgh.

“I think the USB port is fantastic… these ports will be well used”
– Edinburgh resident


We will continue to innovate to produce the most useful, attractive, environmentally responsible street furniture.

This bus shelter of the future in Manchester has a living roof, device charging point, Wi-Fi and interactive information screen.


More responsible

For design to installation and upkeep, our products and services are financed by advertising.

The revenue from advertising goes to the community, either as royalties to support investment in infrastructure or as services for residents, visitors, shoppers and passengers.

Our advertising sites help local businesses promote their products and services in the most useful locations.

In the UK 99% of our team are on permanent contracts. 

We reduce our environmental impact wherever we can. Through electric vehicles, LED lighting, rainwater collection tanks and other initiatives, for example incorporating air pollution monitoring technology into our street furniture.

From initial design phase, we ensure our street furniture is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our street furniture is designed to be accessible, like this public toilet which is wheelchair accessible. 


More connected

From Wi-Fi hotspots to mobile device charging stations to interactive wayfinding screens, we continue to develop new services to meet your evolving needs.

Our digital screens provide regularly-updated information and interactive content making it easier to navigate the local environment.

More engaging

We want to surprise and entertain you through interactive and creative advertising - something a little bit unexpected in the middle of your day.
In railway stations, airports, shopping malls and supermarkets, we provide real-time messages and special events – all designed to enliven your day.

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