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Introducing the product

Commisioned by JCDecaux and designed by Zaha Hadid Design. The Kensington integrates contemporary sculptural design and digital media to create a powerful new platform for brand messaging. 


Technical specification

Static content
Format: JPEG
Size: w2970 x h765
Rotation: Landscape
Colour Model: RGB
Resolution: 150dpi
Static content only
File naming conventionCampaign_THEKENSINGTON_ LiveDate (YYMMDD)
Submitting copyPlease send copy as an attachment or downloadable link to:

Agency and Specialist clients -  CAMPAIGNDELIVERYUK@JCDECAUX.COM
Regional, Airports and Direct clients - CAMPAIGNMANAGEMENT.RAD@JCDECAUX.COM
Copy submission deadline and restrictionsPlease download the artwork template below. Please refer to the Digital Copy Management Policy below. 

Please note the creative requires a black border in the shape of the screen applied to it before supplying to Campaign Management to schedule. The template for this black border can be downloaded in the ZIP link below.