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Management Policy 

JCDecaux require copy and scheduling instructions in advance of campaigns in order to complete copy preparation activities.
The specific minimum timeframes for any individual campaign are defined in the Copy Due  Timetable.

Copy Due Timetable (Standard Campaigns) 

For campaings NOT requiring landlord approval or complex dynamic testing.

*For campaings with >80 pieces of copy, please discuss with JCDecaux Campaign Management at point of booking.

For dynamic campaigns, please allow 20 working days. 


Copy Due Times 

  • Receipt of copy after copy due time may result in a delay to the first playout of copy for the campaign, for which no compensation will be due from JCDecaux.  
  • No compensation will be due for lost impressions, and no playout extension will be provided.
  • Copy moderation and scheduling will be managed according to the copy due timetable. Late copy will be managed according to the date/time of delivery.
  • For campaigns with multiple pieces of copy delivered late, if default copy is provided, we will endeavour to prepare this default copy in line with the single copy service level to achieve maximum playout whilst the remaining copy is prepared
    • Eg 1: Consider a campaign with 9 pieces of copy, delivered 5 working hours prior to time of first playout with an identified default. The single default piece of copy will be guaranteed as ready for playout. The remaining 8 pieces of copy will be guaranteed as ready for playout within the next working day. As such the first day of playout will be on a single piece of copy only.
    • Eg 2: Copy for a single-copy campaign delivered 3 working hours to the first playout will play as booked. Receipt of copy after copy due time may result in a delay to the first playout of copy for the campaign, for which no compensation will be due from JCDecaux.

What is involved in copy preparation?

  • Applies only to complex dynamic copy campaigns where (for example) playout is responsive to proprietary live data feeds.
  • In these circumstances there is a requirement for significant configuration of data connections, testing of the data triggers and responses, and the build of copy load files.
  • This does not apply for ‘standard’ dynamic copy campaigns where, for example, playout is responsive to   established JCDecaux data feeds such as time of day, weather conditions or location.

  • Review of the images to be played to ensure they comply with JCDecaux, landlord, legal and local playout obligations and constraints.
  • In certain circumstances, there is a requirement for the landlord to review and approve copy.

  • Deployment of copy over the JCDecaux digital network to the appropriate screens.
  • JCDecaux will endeavour to complete copy preparation for all copy as quickly as possible, to minimise any impact on campaign delivery.

Copy Guidelines

Digital Specifications can be found here.



  • Must be legal and CAP compliant
  • Must comply with TfL Public Sector Equality Duty
  • Must not be of an overtly sexual nature
  • Must be HFSS Compliant –
  • Must not make reference to body image
  • No adult entertainment
  • No violent images or offensive weapons
  • No matters of public controversy or sensitivity
  • Nothing that makes negative references to TfL services 
  • No political campaigns
  • No cigarettes or tobacco advertising


  • Advertises a competitive Shopping Centre or Retailer that is competitive in nature to stores or activities carried out in the centre
  • Contravenes any statutory or regulatory provisions or relevant codes of practice (including without limitation the rules of Advertising Standards Authority)
  • Political or Religious Advertising
  • Cigarettes or Tobacco Advertising
  • Anything Offensive, Improper, Immoral, Illegal or which violates any intellectual property rights


  • Must be legal
  • Must abide by the ASA code of practice
  • Must not be likely to cause offence to a substantial part of the public
  • Must not depict or refer to nudity, indecency, obscenity, striptease or bodily functions
  • Must not contain or refer to obscene language
  • Must not advertise lap-dancing, escort agencies or massage parlours
  • Must not depict murder, scenes of terror or acts of violence
  • Must not be political and call for the support of or attacks a particular viewpoint, policy or political group
  • No graffiti or imagery that suggests the poster has been damaged or defaced
  • Must not interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the Railway or Station
  • Must not damage the interests of Rail partners, bring them into disrepute, or lead to unacceptable comment on Rail partners
*Some supermarkets have their own guidelines, speak to Campaign Management for further details.

HTML Guidelines

HTML Policy

  • All files should be tested in Broadsign Administration prior to delivery to JCD to ensure they are compatible.
  • We do not test a files technical capabilities; only the capability of it playing out on our screens. 
  • We only accept HTML.
  • The file must have the fall-back embedded.
  • Linear fall-back must be static (Default).
  • The HTML file must be set up to the correct screen specs, as per the route frame ID report.
  • The path must be an FTP; which if not used before may need to be whitelisted by Corp requiring additional time.
  • Some HTMLs and linear files must be rotated (counter clockwise) in Broadsign, so that it plays correctly on our screens – please see the route frame id report for sites included.
  • The ad duration must be as per the route frame ID report unless pre-agreed.
  • The briefing document must contain images of the creatives and the advanced mode.
  • The “External party” are in control of moderating the content and an agreement must be signed pre-testing.
  • JCD will test the files on our internal screens and will run one night test in the live environment if required between 1am – 4am.

File Policy

  • 1 to 10 files - 10 working days
  • 11 to 30 files- 15 working days
  • 30 - 50 files - 20 working days
  • Any more must be pre agreed

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, excluding UK bank holidays


Required Documents 

The below must be supplied before testing can start:
  • Signed Moderation Agreement
  • Campaign Brief – include details on the expectations of the file
  • Fall-back/Default copy to spec per format
  • HTML file
  • Monitor Sync/Advanced Mode

Terms & Conditions

  • Fall-back creative will be deployed without reference if dynamic files are not submitted with a briefing document in line with the file policy.
  • If files are submitted outside of the file policy and if capacity allows, JCDecaux can offer an accelerated copy preparation service. This must be requested in advance of file delivery and will be charged at £500 net per file. This must be preapproved and agreed in writing with a JCDecaux Delivery Manager.
  • If the files are received by the deadline we will work to ensure that the files go live for the start of the campaign, subject to successful testing.
    • Fall-back will deploy in the event of:
      • No communication with the players
      • Failure of file in live environment
      • Inappropriate content playing in the live environment
  • We allow 1 x resupply of content for each campaign per format, any additional amends/resupplies must be in line with the file policy which may incur additional testing costs, and extended testing times resulting possible delay in deployment of dynamic campaign. In this case no compensation or over show would be due.

Booking Terms & conditions can be found here.

Delivery Destination 


Partners should send their client’s copy to the below email address.
Receipt of the copy into the correct email address is used as the official date it has been delivered to us.

PartnerKinetic (inc Mediacom)RapportTalonPosterscope (inc AdcityOne WorldRetail Media Centre
Copy Delivery