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P² + C = 5

The new formula for media planning post-Covid.

The title of this book P² + C = 5 is the formula for how marketers can harness the power of public and private marketing to focus on what really matters, the search for effectiveness.

The research and new intelligence in the book aim to provide a way to build more effective, balanced communications. Find out more for your chance to get a complimentary copy of the book and attend the launch webinar.


To help you on your road to recovery, we have pulled together some easy ways to make the most of your media spend using the power of context.


Recent great campaigns

We love how these brands are doing just that, reaching the right audience, at the right time and place, to achieve the right results.   

Find out more about the impact that contextual messaging has on effectiveness in DOOH, and how our Creative Solutions team can help deliver dynamic campaigns.
"The growth of digital outdoor media is really interesting. It offers the ability to target messages, more precisely by audiences, by time of day, to be much more responsive to events, and to measure the impact much more carefully. [...] We'll see that'll really drive the continued growth of outdoor and this pandemic will be something of a blip. But, a a sort of broad based, brand awareness media will still be needed in this world." Mark ReadCEO, WPP


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