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What you need to know

The Back to Business hub is here to you support your Out-of-Home planning for the rest of the year. We've created four sections of the hub which we will be keeping up to date on a weekly basis with resources to help you with planning post-COVID. 

To ensure you feel confident investing in Out-of-Home, we have created some infographics to help you understand our audience measurement and flexible support we can offer during this time:


The Four Phases

The Back to Business journey will continue to evolve across these four stages, as will the hub, to include the newest audience hot spots, sentiment tracking, insight for brands and latest intelligence.
  • The First Hello Mid June: As non-essential retail opens, the public are taking their first steps back out onto the streets.

  • Looking Up July - Aug: Businesses reopen and there is a feeling of optimism as people spend more time out with friends and family.

  • Road to Recovery Sept - Oct: As lockdown measures ease, the nation will be excited. Workplaces reopen and commuting increases.

  • The New Different Nov - Dec: The public will feel more confident. Travel, experiences and celebration will be key themes.



The First Hello

Monday 15th June was a big day for us. It was the start of a new chapter as we, and many brands welcomed back the Out-of-Home audience to the streets with a 'First Hello.


We couldn't have done this without the enormous effort from our Operations teams who made sure our streets and cities were safe for the public. Some of their impressive achievements included:

  • 28,000 assets deep cleaned + disinfected

  • 180 technicians educated in new working practices

  • 25,000 advertising sites reposted



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