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Smartdata. Enabling smart delivery.

The most effective digital out-of-home campaigns are planned by SmartBRICS and delivered by SmartContent, our content management system for digital out-of-home.  Targeting options, including budget, campaign timing, channels and audience. are provided by SmartBRICS to build the perfect combination for accurate effective campaign delivery. 

Time, weather, location, data feeds. SmartContent in action.

Campaign content is served to the right time, people and place, in context, using SmartContent, our content management system for out-of-home media channels.  

Dynamic ads work. Proof of effectiveness.

People remember dynamic campaigns. They engage consumers more deeply, with increased awareness and positive perception.
  • +18% spontaneous recognition

  • +12% prompted recognition

  • +53% message recall

  • +11% creative perception

 Source: Virtuocity, 2016

SmartCONTENT. Digital ad-serving for out-of-home.


jcdecaux dynamic. Committed to contextual campaigns.

JCDecaux's international Dynamic division is dedicated to working with advertisers, globally, to make the most of SmartContent, delivering the most effective contextual campaigns.