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Billboard Channel


Classic and digital billboards. Unbeatable brand building.

JCDecaux’s total large format billboard classic and digital universe covers over half the population, serving 412 million impressions per fortnight (source: Route 32).  With these outstanding levels of coverage and frequency come equally outstanding opportunities for advertisers. Billboards build brands. But our billboard channel does much, much more than that. Digital technology provides real-time information and even tailored advice to the millions of car drivers and their pedestrians travelling on Britain’s roads. 
Stand-out branding seen on the UK's busiest highways and byways

Large format digital networks. Designed to influence.

Our digital large format channel creates communication corridors to reach influential people commuting into the city centre for work and leisure, growing campaign reach.

Locations have been selected to cover gateway points into major UK cities including London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol and Sheffield, generating the greatest impact through the largest audience. Sites are strategically designed to complement their surrounding environments.


Billboard Channel. National distribution.


Street furniture channel

Classic and digital street furniture. A pedestrian audience.

Everyone who lives, works or plays in the heart of the UK’s cities is exposed to JCDecaux’s pedestrian targeted street furniture channel.  Including bus shelters, columns and free-standing double-sided advertising and council information panels,  these products are a key part of the urban infrastructure, and their ubiquity and variety is reflected by the size and the rich diversity of the audience who sees them. They deliver 1.2 billion impressions a fortnight (source: Route 32).
Digital and classic advertising products where people work, play, live and spend. Perfectly positioned to prompt purchase

Defining the future of digital out-of-home. Welcome to LDN.

 In 2016 we were awarded the world's largest bus shelter advertising concession by Transport for London (TfL). We immediately began to roll out the largest street furniture screens across both this new network and existing presence within the London Boroughs.  Covering luxury locations alongside the capital's shopping heartland, locations include King’s Road, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner, High Street Kensington, Park Lane, Kingston upon Thames, Upper Street and, of course, London's most famous retail destination, Oxford Street. 

Powered by the '3 Ds' - digital, delivery and data - LDN is a truly smart on-street screen network that penetrates into the heart of London's business, shopping and leisure locations.
Update on the capital’s digital transformation
"JCDecaux's new digital screens provide tailored, dynamic advertising and will brighten the journeys of our passing customers and other road users."

Graeme Craig, TfL Commercial Development Director

Street furniture channel. Ubiquitous nationwide.