StreetTalk targets young people in places they hang out– on the high street or meeting places, bars and entertainment venues as well as colleges and universities. That’s why 85% of 15-24 year olds see StreetTalk advertising every week (Route data).

Seen as relevant and useful signposting in an urban landscape, StreetTalk reaches the youth audience whilst they are in a relaxed, positive and social mindset. And with 3 in 5 young people preferring to shop in-store rather than online, the opportunity to influence their decisions whilst in a purchasing environment is unrivalled.

StreetTalk offers a variety of campaign opportunities. From dominating multiple sites to drive Brand Awareness, to pin-pointing exact locations near store for Proximity Campaigns. Take a look at the StreetTalk Networks page to find out more.

 Aditionally, check out our campaign Case Studies and Best of Gallery pages to discover how brands have used StreetTalk effectively.