Research suggests that the act of shopping releases dopamine (or the ‘happiness hormone’) in the brain. Dopamine is associated with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, and is heightened when we experience something new, exciting or challenging. For many people, shopping is all of these things. The shopping mall environment presents consumers with the exciting opportunity to see, touch and try products before making a purchase. 

Malls are the ultimate shopping destination of choice, attracting over 7.6 million consumers in the UK every week (Route 2015). No longer solely a retail destination, shopping malls have evolved in recent years to offer a complete retail and leisure experience, with the inclusion of cinemas, family attractions and extensive food courts. This, coupled with the architectural layout of the malls themselves, has naturally contributed to an increase in visitor dwell time. 

The effect of dopamine in the brain, combined with being in a retail environment, ultimately drives purchase intent and the immediate desire to find out more. This makes shopping malls the ideal environment to raise brand awareness and communicate with consumers who are happy, relaxed and open to brand messages. Our network of M-Vision screens and Digital 6-sheets is present in a variety of premium malls across the UK. Positioned for prime viewing in close proximity to anchor stores, JCDecaux’s mall offering is guaranteed to reach shoppers who are in the mind set to spend and interact. 



  • M-Vision

    Unprecedented access to the most aspirational and image conscious audience via a network of large format full-motion digital screens in the most premium malls nationwide, enabling brands to ‘own’ the atrium.

  • Mall Digital 6-sheets

    The mall audience shops with an intent to buy and will use advertising as a signpost to their potential purchases. The 65 inch Digital 6-sheet (D6) screens housed in sleek, slim-lined and glossy units provide the ultimate point of sale opportunity.

  • 6-sheets

    Positioned to target shoppers before they enter their store of choice, mall 6-sheets provide advertisers the opportunity to influence decisions right before purchase.

  • Mall 360°

    Immerse the mall shopper with our ambient opportunities, engage them with our digital assets and activate your brand message with experiential activity to create the ultimate consumer experience – the Mall 360°. Ensure your brand is impossible to miss within the mall environment and guarantee stand-out at the point of purchase.