Print IQ

Print IQ

Print IQ gives brands the ability to create hyper-local messaging for nationwide campaigns, deepening engagement with consumers and improving brand perceptions. 

Whether it's a roadside 6-sheet campaign or a rail 48-sheet, Print IQ will give a brand the edge to talk directly to the audience with location-specific copy, relevant to the local context. 



Print IQ is up to 8 times cheaper than traditional paper printing techniques. Allowing national advertisers the unique opportunity to run an unlimited number of design* variations within their campaign at a fraction of the cost of traditional OOH printing.
Paper 6 sheets: £4 each  - min 250 posters - unlimited designs*
Paper 48 sheets: £26 each – min 50 posters – unlimited designs*
Paper 96 sheets: £52 each – min 50 posters – unlimited designs*

* Designs are based around a set template that is made up of fields – the personalisation of the creative within these fields is unlimited.


Creating Design Templates

Print IQ has been designed to ensure that the creative agency can avoid the arduous task of setting up each creative variation individually. Create one template design, provide the assets and we do the rest! Proofing is streamlined and the process is completely automated. 
All we require is a full 2 week-lead from supply of site list and full assets.
Print IQ uses a base template with pre-determined fields. All the agency has to do is provide this template and the individual fields (assets) and we will combine the assets in any combination or order as determined by the spread sheet. So, using the visual example below, the agency would supply the template layout and would have agreed on 6 variable data fields. The agency then supply a various number of assets for each field, sometimes having very unique assets such as the store address or shared assets, such as “We’re here to help.”


Points to Consider

Spares: as with traditional printing spares are required and need to be factored in the final numbers and costing – we work to just 10%.

Designs: Print IQ is about the ability to run an unlimited number of designs*. If you campaign is made up of only a handful of designs then traditional printing may be a better option for you.

Proofing: Print IQ takes all of the printing information from a special spreadsheet. We match the design requirements by the campaign booking (by site number). This essentially is your design proof. We will however also supply approximately 5 different mini poster proofs for colour checking and layout visualisation.

Lead-time: We are unable to offer Fast Forward with Print IQ as we need at least 14 days from the supply of the confirmed booking / design spreadsheet, template and variable design assets.