JCDecaux OneWorld is the international sales and marketing division of the JCDecaux Group.

The department has two key responsibilities:

  • Ensuring best practices in Outdoor advertising with relevant and insightful studies and tools pertaining to the deeper understanding of Outdoor as a communication channel
  • Creating bespoke Outdoor solutions tailored to achieve a client’s advertising objectives via international partnerships, innovation expertise and international sales coordination



You can see some of JCDecaux's Innovate campaigns from around the world below.


International Sales

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  • Sydney – May 2012

    This campaign used facial recognition technology to identify a smile from a passer-by, launching the interactive element which allowed the audience to eat a Magnum ice cream, virtually!

  • Paris – February 2012

    After taking a picture of themselves in a photo booth, passers-by were offered a large printed version of their picture. More, this picture was integrated to both a digital and a printed large format poster. This was perfectly in line with the “come as you are” campaign from the client McDonald’s.

  • Chicago – July 2012

    P&G and Walmart teamed-up for a virtual-shop campaign allowing passers-by to buy essentials thanks to their phone and QR codes when waiting for the bus. People were able to buy some goods and choose the time they want them to be delivered.