- Locate That Landmark

Locate That Landmark

Think you know Great Britain? Play ‘Locate That Landmark’

Think you're good at geography? Know your Land’s End from your London Eye? Can you stay cool as the clock counts down? Put your local knowledge to the test with our fun ‘Locate That Landmark’ game – created to launch JCDecaux’s partnership with YouGov and access to YouGov Profiles.  Click here to play the game.  

Click here to find out more about  JCDecaux’s access to YouGov Profiles, the powerful segmentation and media-planning product. With 250,000 members delivering brand, media, behaviour and attitudinal data, the ability to understand what the nation thinks at a hyperlocal level is unprecedented. This adds a new capability to the planning of Outdoor campaigns that has not been previously available.  

Think we’ve missed an important landmark near you? Drop us a line at beframeus@jcdecaux.co.uk and let us know.