News - Introducing The T5 Gold Channel

Introducing The T5 Gold Channel

07.03.2017 | Airport

This May will see the launch of Heathrow’s most exclusive advertising opportunity yet, offering premium brands a unique chance to immerse, engage and influence the world’s elite. Located throughout the exclusive passenger route in Terminal 5 to the British Airways First Class Lounge, The T5 Gold Channel offers the unparalleled opportunity to showcase a brand’s proposition in a sumptuous, relaxed and private environment.

The Gold Channel is comprised of two fantastic digital opportunities:

The Golden Gateway – a striking 6x2.5 meter digital totem that truly dominates the entrance point to the route to the First Class Lounge

The Immersion – a collection of 15 stunning digital totems that line the winding corridor leading to the First Class Lounge, totally immersing passengers as they make their way into departures.

The T5 Gold Channel provides exclusive access to an elite group of global travellers. Over 2,000 passengers will pass through the private route every day including British Airways First Class ticket holders, Gold Card members and their guests: Powerful business leaders and the world’s wealthiest leisure passengers, these are the most select and discerning customers travelling through Heathrow. With a 71% AB profile, the Gold Channel proposition reaches the most affluent in society and provides the rare chance for brands to communicate with them while they are in a receptive mindset and are open to new experiences.




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