Tech in Transit

Tech in Transit

JCDA’s study into personal technology & the role it plays in our audience’s lives

This May, JCDecaux Airport launch their yearlong study, Tech in Transit, to the market. The technology sector is a key category for JCDA and given its fast moving nature, there was a clear need to expand our knowledge on this dynamic and exciting industry.
For this study, several bespoke quantitative studies were commissioned. These included:

  • Passively monitoring passengers’ app usage throughout their airport journey.
  • Partnering with Conde Nast to gain insights from Ars Technica & Wired readers - technology sector experts.
  • Collecting online panel data on JCDA audience’s relationship with technology.

Estimated personal tech collection is £6,900, +47% higher than non JCDA traveller readers.

Many of the findings uncovered in Tech in Transit are extremely revealing. The research showed that ATW* who had flown through a JCDA UK concession were more likely to be tech savvy, invest more in technology and have higher levels of ownership and app usage than those ATW that hadn’t.

93% of ATW passengers use their phone/tablet to research products they are considering buying.

Another key finding was that Gaming is the least favourable app for those within the airport environment (outside of the airport this is the most popular app), reinforcing our belief that airports offer a world of possibility, a source of entertainment and discovery themselves.

Passengers spent £76m on technology products at Heathrow in 2015.

We would love the opportunity to come in and show you the Tech in Transit findings in more detail. Please contact your JCDecaux Airport account manager or click here to organise a suitable date.

*Ars Technica or Wired readers